• Nevidio canyon rating is  V2 A4 IV
  • Recommendations, canyoning conditions and price of the trip.


Canyon Nevidio.

Nevidio is the most beautiful and most popular canyon in Montenegro. It is steep sided canyon with a stunning scenery, narrow passages, waterfalls and pools to jump. Technically  Nevidio is beginner friendly but physically it is a bit demanding adventure.

Worth to visit? Absolutely  YES!!!!!
Recommendations, canyoning conditions and price of the trip.


  • To enroll you need to be at list 14 years old in good health and able to swim.
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Moderate level of fitness required.
  • Length of the canyon is approximately 2000 m, highest vertical is 10m, longest water exposure is 50m ,  presence of natural water slides is frequent.
  • Descent duration is approximately  4h (depends of the group).
  • Parking place - canyon entrance distance is  5 minutes long walk. Exit point-parking place  distance is 1h long climbing up the hill  .
  • Car transfer from Montenegro Canyoning Center to the canyon last 3-4h (one way).


What is included and what is the price of  Nevidio canyoning trip ?

  • Instructions on abseiling techniques for beginners according to ICO pro international Canyoning standards.
  • Wet  suite, canyoning shoes + full set of Personal Protection Equipment  ( helmet, harness and all other technical gear).
  • Supervision by professional ICO pro guide and assistant.
  • Lunch.

The Nevidio canyoning trip cost is 100e per person. 

Note - Extra fees for car transfer

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