After  you  learned  about equipment and you mastered basic canyoning  techniques it is time to experience the adventure . Canyoning involves the responsible and safe practice and awareness  of environmental protection.

montenegro canyoning
montenegro canyoning


Before you start your canyoning trip pay attention on Montenegro Canyoning guide briefing  (group formation, how many waterfalls, slides , jumps etc.) It is crucial to know what to except  and how to act. Remember that guarantee of safe canyoning trips is to be  supervised by internationally certified  guide and to respect canyoning rules.

montenegro canyoning
Listen to your guide, respect canyoning rules and protect the nature- be Safe and have Fun.

Canyoning is direct contact with a nature, environmental awareness and respect is obligatory. In canyons you have to act like a kind guest:

  • do not disturb or damage the natural environment
  • do not leave any rubbish
  • respect all property owners
  • respect other users (fishermen, hunters, hikers, swimmers)

 Montenegro Canyoning Center organize canyoning tours all over the Montenegro and our recommendation is to visit:  Canyon SkurdaNevidio and  Canyon Medjurjecje.

 Montenegro Canyoning  is the first registered Canyoning Center in Montenegro. Canyoning in Montenegro  with us is Safe and Fun!