• Canyoning is an outdoor sport consists of walking, swimming,  jumping, slides, down climbing and abseiling .
  • Canyoning requires particular equipment and techniques that must be adapted to the specific environment.


Before canyoning  you have....

1. To learn what equipment y need , the purpose and way to use it. Firstly  Montenegro Canyoning guide is going to introduce you precisely to the specifics of each piece of equipment. Check if all equipment working properly and if it fits to you.

montenegro canyoning
canyoning personal equipment

2. To learn  how to use hand line , what is belay, how to clip your self , abseiling techniques , how to slide and  jump in a water. Instructions on mentioned techniques are mandatory.

montenegro canyoning
montenegro canyoning

After this short introduction program you are going to be ready to experience a moderate risk canyon under supervision of international certified guide.
Be cautious –  before Canyoning check:

  • Canyoning provider international references.
  • Personal Protective Equipment  you are going to use.
  • If your equipment is complete and did you master canyoning basic techniques?
  • First aid equipment.

If something  is  missing do not accept to participate. You learned , you mastered and now it is time to experience adventure.....have a good time.

Montenegro Canyoning  is the first registered Canyoning Center in Montenegro. Canyoning in Montenegro  with us is Safe and Fun!