• General remarks and recommendations for Canyoning in Montenegro.
  • TOP 3 Canyoning sites.


General remarks and recommendations for Canyoning in Montenegro.

Canyoning is the top of outdoor activities in Montenegro, as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in a river and descending waterfall cliffs. Canyoning trips we offer are beginner friendly experience. The highlights of these canyons are a great variety of rock slides,  jumps (optional) and waterfall abseils.

Montenegro canyons scenery is  fantastic, dramatic and beautiful, with a perfect  balance between walking in a river and passing  waterfalls.


  • Canyoning high season in Montenegro is 5 months long, from May to October.
  • Canyons in Montenegro are not been rated by international standards neither by internationally certified guides or Canyoning Instructors.
  • Canyoning is the new outdoor sport in Montenegro. Caution when choosing Canyoning provider.
  • Canyoning sites mostly  are not bolted.
  • In the event of Canyoning accident  urgently inform Mountain Rescue Service 040 256 084.
  • Be cautious –  Before Canyoning check: the provider international references, Canyoning Personal Protective Equipment  you are going to use, first aid equipment. If something is    missing do not accept to participate.
  • Be cautious -  Instructions on abseiling techniques for beginners are mandatory.


Canyoning in Montenegro has no tradition and unfortunately does not keep pace with international Canyoning standards. Lack of Canyoning practice legislation leads to illegal, unsafe and incompetent organization of Canyoning activities in Montenegro.  The conclusion is very simple -  Safe Canyoning practice in Montenegro can be provided only by internationally  certified Canyoning Center or guide.


TOP 3 Canyoning spots in Montenegro.

Montenegro is very interesting Canyoning destination visited by many certified canyoneers and beginners  .  Montenegro Canyoning center  organize Canyoning trips all over the Montenego. We recommend the TOP 3 canyoning sites: Canyon Medjurjecje, Nevidio and Canyon Skurda.

Canyoning in Montenegro
Canyoning in Montenegro-Canyon Medjurjecje


Canyoning in Montenegro
Canyoning in Montenegro-Canyon Skurda
Canyoning in Montenegro
Canyoning in Montenegro-Nevidio


Canyoning in Montenegro with us is Safe and Fun!!!